Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bongos Take A Bow

Bongos @ Joe's
The Bongos banged out their classic indie album Drums Along The Hudson from begining to end in somewhat spectacular fashion, on my birithday.
WABACIt was almost as if Mr. Peabody had told his boy Sherman to turn the WABAC Machine's dial to 1981. I was struck first with the thought that Richard, looking slim and trim, must have returned to his native Florida to find what had eluded Ponce.

Bongos @ Joe's 2Sheer joy had Rob, with hair grown out to shoulder length and feather in hat, soaring musically and spirititually. Frank, quite dapperly sporting a Moby'ish look was, as a member of our Bday group noted, still a little powerhouse. Standout songs of the night for me were Video Eyes and Certain Harbours. The latter being a rock jazz improv explosion that really allows the band to shine. Modern guitar effects allowed Richard to capture much of the energy that Throbbing Gristle member Cosey Fanni Tutti brought to the original recording.Bongos BowIf the Bongos could grant me a Bday wish it would be an album of songs like this. The trio and a Cosey/Ornette style horn player creating rock music that leans much nearer jazz than pop could be magical.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Bongos

Bongo CoverCooking Vinyl Records will be rereleasing a Special Edition of The Bongos Drums Along The Hudson, due out sometime early next year. This is a second cover or alternate version that was never used.

Roman CircusSome Photoshop trickery here. A composite image of Rob Norris and a mosaic floor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art surprisingly had Rob looking like a Roman emperor. I thought this was a good image for the Bongo song Roman Circus.

Richard Barone 1118Richard Barone at 1118 Hudson Street home base in Hoboken for the Bongos.

Bongos @ Max'sBongos, Norris, Giannini and Barone performing at Max's Kansas City.

The Bongos, Maxwells This was in 1980, I'm just guessing as there was no official record of the date written on the negative sleeve. A series of photos taken in front of Maxwell's in Hoboken.

25 years since they played together as the original trio, The Bongos will be playing at Joe's Pub @ The Public Theater this Saturday, October 14th at 7:30 and 9:30 pm. See ya there!
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