Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Bumblebee Battery

While driving my 2005 Honda Insight on a recent trip to Oyster Bay the IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) and engine warning lights lit up on the dashboard. I borrowed a computer at our friend Tony's birthday party and found out that, after eight years and 60,000 miles, my cars electric motor battery had most likely bit the dust. Thinking it was covered under the extended ten year warranty I brought it to Millennium Honda to find that my 05 and the 06 model Insights only had eight years coverage... The shop service assistant said, Your warranty expired two weeks ago. The best Honda could do for me was 3000 dollars to replace my battery pack with another used but reconditioned pack. While waiting to hear back from Honda I found a better solution, Bumblebee Batteries in Oregon. Besides costing nearly 1000 dollars less the batteries would be brand new and better performing than the ones originally used by Honda. Following great online instructions and photos the installation went smoothly without a hitch. The Insight is back up and running and just passed NY State inspection yesterday. Gas mileage for a seventy mile trip was 57mpg about five better than I was getting before the switch. Here are a few photos... wish I took more. The weight of the pack is something to consider. I built a handle but found with a friend lending a hand it wasn't needed.


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