Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Bongos

Bongo CoverCooking Vinyl Records will be rereleasing a Special Edition of The Bongos Drums Along The Hudson, due out sometime early next year. This is a second cover or alternate version that was never used.

Roman CircusSome Photoshop trickery here. A composite image of Rob Norris and a mosaic floor at the Metropolitan Museum of Art surprisingly had Rob looking like a Roman emperor. I thought this was a good image for the Bongo song Roman Circus.

Richard Barone 1118Richard Barone at 1118 Hudson Street home base in Hoboken for the Bongos.

Bongos @ Max'sBongos, Norris, Giannini and Barone performing at Max's Kansas City.

The Bongos, Maxwells This was in 1980, I'm just guessing as there was no official record of the date written on the negative sleeve. A series of photos taken in front of Maxwell's in Hoboken.

25 years since they played together as the original trio, The Bongos will be playing at Joe's Pub @ The Public Theater this Saturday, October 14th at 7:30 and 9:30 pm. See ya there!
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    Blogger Laurie said...

    This is a cool blog! Achievements regarding the experts in playing bongos must also be posted here. It has been two months since I started to learn how to play bongos and I would proudly say that it's a great experience.

    9:34 PM  
    Blogger philm400 said...

    Good luck with the bongo playing... Music makes the world go round!

    9:13 AM  
    Blogger philm400 said...

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