Monday, May 14, 2012

Cool Blue Halo w Canon G1 X

Here are more photos from the Cool Blue Halo show at City Winery. These and the ones posted yesterday were all taken with a Canon Powershot G1 X that I bought right before the show. Considering my compact camera, a Canon G1 from the dawn of the digital age, is surprisingly alive but barely able to kick out the jams anymore I decided it's a good time to go with the latest and greatest model. The G1 X is actually the G13. With eleven to twelve years between these models you'd expect some big improvements. Most important to me the iso range is extended now... these photos were all taken at 3200. The G1 was challenged to shoot beyond 400. Disappointed that there still is some shutter lag but overall pretty happy so far. Enlarged view by clicking on images will give a better idea of the quality at 1024 pixels.


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