Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One To One - John Lennon

Lennon 3bThese were taken at the One To One Concert on August 30th, 1972 matinee performance. The John and Yoko / Elephant's Memory Band set ended with a rousing sing along of Give Peace A Chance.Lennon 5bIf you click on these to see an enlargement some of the faces in the background will become more recognizable. Here (above) you'll find Phil Spector on the left.Lennon 1bStevie Wonder and Melanie and members of Sha Na Na (Bowser at right) join John, Allen Ginsberg is seen on left.Lennon 2bAfter John Lennon saw a Geraldo Revera report on conditions at Willowbrook he got together with Geraldo on the idea of doing a benefit concert. Here as Give Peace A Chance comes to an end Geraldo walks to the microphone to wrap things up.


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