Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Murder Of Crows

Phil Hippie
I saw you standing on top of a soapbox
in Washington Square
Someone said you sounded like Diana Ross
when she was Supreme
I'll have to think about that

I saw you crossin' the street
wearin' a shoebox on your head
instead of a hat

I heard you say actions speak louder than birds
and the shortest distance between two points is North

You said in a dream that love scared you
and made you come awake

You were on your soapbox when the rain started
and your eye began to twitch
The crowd sneezed

I'd take you to the ballgame
but its been rained out
even crows can't fly in weather like this


Blogger Beloved Haiku Dreams said...

Phil this is excellent. You must write more poetry. Your images are so clear and flow smoothly.


12:50 PM  

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