Saturday, September 30, 2006

Signed by Andy Warhol

Truman CapoteHere is the Interview magazine signed by Andy Warhol. Really only the cover as the actual magazine was thrown out years ago. Don't tell me, I know, I should have taken better care of it. This was the January 1979 issue of Interview, with Truman Capote on the cover. Andy had a stack of them that he was signing and handing out to visitors to his show at the Heiner Friedrich Gallery on West Broadway in Soho. Too bad I didn't buy some of his artwork back then when it was comparably affordable. Another favorite artist, coming out of the East Village art scene of the 80's, would be Jean Michel Basquiat. His paintings sold for $5,000 recently one sold for 5.5 million $$$$. Wish I could get my time machine working.


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