Friday, March 03, 2006


9/11 Memorial
SUNY Seminole
SUNY Campus
Marcelle Flys
This is where it all started. The time I spent getting a degree in Electronic Technology at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale is a fond memory. It was here that I learned if I applied myself I could actually accomplish quite a bit. I was working for IBM after graduating but a night course at my alma mater in photography taught by Jimmy Hendrix... (not the one your thinking of) turned my world around. I decided that photography was my real love and have pursued it (on somewhat of a crooked path) ever since. I've enjoyed coming back to SUNY while on assignment to take photos for stories concerning the school.

It was lots of fun going up in the twin engine Piper Seminole. As I recall the student pilot did a great job flying under very windy conditions. A little tough to shoot out the window of the plane when your bouncing around like you were in a washing machine. This was for a story on SUNY's aviation program by Marcelle Fischler for her Long Island Journal weekly column in the Sunday Times. Marcell got to fly us back to Republic Airfield. That's her in the bottom photo. (I was sitting anxiously in the back seat).

A campus 9/11 monument that I photographed for another story was created by Liza Todd-Tivey, the daughter of Elisabeth Taylor.

So three cheers for SUNY Farmingdale a school that continues to grow and continues to be a great place to get an education.


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