Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Do I Feel Lucky Today?

Long Island Voice Cover

My fathers friend is staying home today expecting that someone from the Readers Digest Contest will be stopping by to give him a million $$$$. This is a cover done for the good old (defunct) LI Voice. It's a nice example of John Mancini and Bill Miller's wicked sense of humor. Bill is now working on his art full time (I'll add a link to his website). John is Editor and VP at Newsday.


Blogger Erik N. Nelson said...

Thanks for posting this. I wrote the "Envirocop" column for the Long Island Voice and by some trick of fate moved to California shortly before the paper was disappeared. Now I can't find any evidence that it ever existed, except inside boxes in my garage. This posting is the first visual evidence I've seen online since 1999 that there ever was such a thing. Now I'm working in Oakland, and I do a blog for my papers: www.ibabuzz.com/transportation

7:14 PM  
Blogger philm400 said...

Thanks for posting this Erik! It's allways good to hear from someone who was connected with the LI Voice. I've checked out your blog and will check out the papers when I get a chance. This blog has been in hibernation since October. It's yet to be decided if I will bring it out of it's long slumber...

10:13 PM  

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