Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Homeless In Hempstead

3 Flight Walkup On a rainy cold February night Allan Richter and I came upon one Mr. Norman Jones. Allan was writing a story on how the upswing in real estate value was effecting people who were struggling to make ends meet. "Left Behind In The Real Estate Boom" Feb. 25, 2001, New York Times. After much searching (I give Allan loads of credit for his perseverance here) we were about to call it quits when out of a gray rainy haze Norman appeared walking along Front Street. He said he was working at a beer distributor but couldn't afford his own apartment. He then brought us to the three story walkup where he slept in the hallway on a cold tile floor.
It's five years later and I still think of that night in Hempstead. Always hoping that Norman has found a home where he is safe and sound.


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