Saturday, June 17, 2006

Klaus Kinder Geiger

Klaus Four days after this photo was taken renowned German physicist and avid Long Island Voice reader, Klaus Kinder Geiger was killed in the Swiss Air Flight 111 crash. Klaus was a person filled with warmth and life. Tanya Indiana, Voice reporter and friend of Klaus wrote on the final page of the calendar; "This project is dedicated to Klaus, whose boundless energy now soars unfettered through the cosmos that he knew and loved. I am comforted by a basic premise of physics: that energy is neither created nor destroyed."

In the years that have passed since his death I have often felt Klaus' presence.


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Blogger Connie Lepe said...

Wow! i have a crazy story about Claus. His original personality and his investigations about the Big Bang made me follow him after his death...(i discovered him the very day he died) Far away in the late 90´s, he had this web page about cartoons, night clubs or bars in N.Y and all around the codes of that web pages were hidden videos about his investigations. I used to keep those codes, but now the page doesnt exist...It amaze me to still find things about him. thank you.

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