Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Yorn Request

Yorn Backstage
Yorn @ Jones Beach Theater
Pete Yorn Kryptonite Green Here are more Pete Yorn photos as promised. This link will take you to the earlier post with a photo of Pete from the same show.
  • Pete Yorn at Jones Beach Theater
  • If you're a fan check out Heather Browne's great post on Pete with lots of links to songs and video.
  • I Am Fuel, You Are Friends

    Blogger c said...

    i just popped over here via heather's site. those are great. do you have other musicians in your portfolio? would love to see them ;)

    11:34 AM  
    Blogger philm400 said...

    Many thanks! If you check the archives I've posted a few others; Jeffrey Lee Pierce in March, Rod Stewart in April and along with Pete Yorn, REM and the dB's in May. I'll continue to add other music posts as I get around to scanning the film.

    12:22 AM  

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